The United Pipople / Isabel Marant 2017

138 painted steal masks. Worldwide installation.

Hermès / 2017

Kinetic window installation. Painted styrofoam mobiles, cedar wood sculpture, steel table, electric fan.
Hermès rue de Sèvres, Paris

The Swing Of Spring / Isabel Marant 2017

Colored felt, aluminum and vmc. Worldwide installations.

The End Of Plastic Bags / Isabel Marant 2016

Worldwide installations to celebrate the end of plastic bags in Europe. Card boxes, tape, aluminum, painted plastic bags and vmc.

Shining Kokoro / Isabel Marant / 2016

Polyester film, wood, motor. Worldwide installations. Photography by Alban Romer

Hanabi Glacées / Isabel Marant 2015

23 brushed aluminum sculptures. Worldwide installations. Photography by Alban Romer

Spinning Plates for Isabel Marant / 2015

18 unique installations. 11 000 painted paper plates , aluminum structure, motor, carbon tube. Worldwide installations. Photos Alban Romer

Kinetic Sculpture / Sensee Glasses / 2015

Kinetic sculpture for Sensee glasses, Paris and Marseille. 197 glasses arm's mounted on a belt, electric motor.

Sensee shop, 84 rue Rambuteau 75001 Paris

Windows for Barneys NY / Isabel Marant 2015

Painted styrofoam, plaster, wood, electric motor. Photography by Tom Sibley

Cartier / 2015

Brass. Cartier worldwide 2015